Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. -Richard Evans


blog10This is Chase.

Chase has a hard time sometimes, and he struggles. we have been concentrating on playing  and learning outside as much as possible, exploring, and noticing everything. and find ways to help him connect with nature and all that is around him. Explore. Adventure out. To breathe it in, and absorb it. sometimes when the world gets to be too much, he can remember.

he’s only six years old but he notices the birds that sing to wake us up, the colors of the sunset, the animal shapes the puffy clouds make just for him, those awesome crickets he depends on to sing to him at night.  he also prays. he has such a sweet soul and he’s always searching. searching. I hope I can help him find the calm he is so desperately seeking.

Chase has finally found a connection with little Blair. I’m so excited for him. he finally found someone with more energy than himself!  Blair is his buddy. I see a long, great friendship in the works, and it’s beautiful. i hope he never stops wanting to discover and seek and look and be.

I’m feeling kind of emotional for my Chase tonight. It was a rough week.

let’s talk more later …


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