This is a little different than my usual posts about the shop. I am making a few changes and thought you may be excited to hear about too!

I have always been concerned for the environment, and even more so for my fellow brothers and sisters throughout the earth.  I have always tried various projects to recycle & reuse (or upcycle), DIY projects, and just “living simply”. This is actually two-fold for me here. I have ideas that I hope work for the shop, and encourage others to follow along (or at least spark your own ideas!).

I want to upcycle good quality flannel shirts and make fun unique designs for your littles, and mine!  If you have any flannels that you are not able to use any longer, please shoot me a message.

Next, I am transiting to other sources for all of my blank tees and sweatshirts. I want to use only those guaranteed to be made “sweatshop free” and hopefully to take it even a step further by using only Eco-friendly products. I have been using mainly American Apparel, which is guaranteed not to use sweat shops for their products but I don’t get everything from them. I found 2 additional sources that seem to be even more concerned with our environment, and take it even a step further.


April Burns Photography

We lived in the same house for 20 years and raised our first 3 kids there. I have researched for days and years how to eventually downsize, and been working towards living the simplest life possible, in order to free up time & energy for my more important goals.  I am finally at the point where these ideas will take fruition. We recently moved from about 3200 sq ft down to a small cottage in the woods that’s about 1400 sq ft.  I would go even smaller, but we do have 4 people still living together.  I can’t wait to share pictures with you!  As soon as we are more settled, I can do that. But right now I don’t want you to see our huge mess!!!   It has to get worse before it gets better, right?

I really hope you appreciate these changes and are willing to continue to take this journey with me. It may mean that our products cost a little bit more in order to stay true to our commitment. But, the quality will likely be even better and we can all dress in good conscience!  If you ever have ideas of small businesses in your area that I could look in to for products, please never hesitate to let me know!



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