Have you ever heard of the 100 Things Project?  Genius.  Seriously, just genius!  I am not sure I can scale down to only 100 things with having such a big family still living at home, but I can certainly adjust to something more realistic. I do love this project (but don’t want to set myself up for failure) and I wholeheartedly agree that the more simple things are, the more peace it brings. This frees up time for me to enjoy everything around me and every minute of childhood.

I love to travel!  I would also love to travel to places where the need is more great and we can help.  But it takes time to reach goals (and lots of prayers) so I need to work harder to work towards those goals. I’m really lucky in that my (college age) daughter has the same ideas about life as me, and goals.  It’s so much easier working as a team!

When we moved to our small cottage, we did some major purging!  The thrift stores in our areas we so happy to see our truck pull up, over and over.  Somehow, I think we have taken a step backwards and it’s time to “purge” all over again!!! How did THAT happen?  It just kind of creeps up on you!

Well, good news! I found yet another project in my research called 333.  This one has you go through your closet and keep 33 things and repeat the process every 3 months.You must only keep 33 items and plan on mixing-and-matching. If something comes in, something must go out.  I really like the idea of the re-check every 3 months. This way you can’t allow yourself to get out-of-control and you can remind yourself where you are headed. That’s a good idea! Think about it, using the clothes you have is so … easy. And it saves money! How many times have I fallen IN LOVE with something at the store or on-line and it is still hanging, unworn? I am actually embarrassed to say how many times. Ok? I think I buy more for my Littles than I do for myself…so I better focus on their closet first. haha

A few things I’ll adjust for myself with the 100 things:

  • I won’t count my shop inventory or office (come on, I need an income!)
  • Cleaning products/supplies/equipment count as just one (vacuum, broom, rags, etc)
  • toiletries count as one (face products, soaps, shampoo, etc)
  • gym clothes & shoes count as one (or I’ll live to wash) as long as they are strictly used for the gym
  • we have 4 solid seasons up here with hot and freezing.  I can only count these separately (or I may turn in to a popsicle)
  • Photo albums only count as one (I don’t ever want to forget)
  • K-cups all count as one (you can never have too much coffee)
  • Even if a gift comes in, something has to go out :/

I think that I will finally donate all of my DVD’s and just depend on Netflix and fire stick. That would eliminate quite a bit here.


never stop exploring.

Come on, help me out here!  What am I forgetting?

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