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This is my Family’s very favorite dessert and so easy to make!  You can use anything you want for the fruit and layering sections, and it’s fun to mix color combinations.  For instance; Red/White/Blue is very easy using blueberries, strawberries, angel food cake and whipped cream.  Or, you can change it up by using chocolate cake, chocolate chips, and chocolate pudding with whipping cream.


My Trifle has multiple of layers of pound cake, cut in to cubes.  (You can make it from scratch or Costco has great pound cake or angel food cake can be used also.) Then vanilla pudding on top of the bread so that the fruit does not soak through and make the bread soggy. I like to make my pudding from scratch, but pre-made pudding works just as well.

Next, I used strawberries and blackberries (from my garden, yum!!!), and whipping cream. Do not use whipping cream from a can because it will not keep it’s integrity under the weight of the fruit and bread.

Keep layering in this order until the bowl is about 3-inches from the top.  I used a few grapes to top it off because before I realized it, I used every berry-oops!  So make sure you set aside the smallest, and best looking berries before you begin layering.

Trifle bowls can be purchased just about anywhere, but my very favorite one from Pampered Chef.  (Target, Walmart, Kmart are a little less expensive though). The one from Pampered Chef is a little bit heavier glass, and comes with a lid that seals tight in case of leftovers. And, it stores nicely also.

The small white chalkboard signs are from our shop at

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I made these miniature individual trifles for a baby shower – they were a total hit!


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