I love any photo taken by April Burns Photography, (she’s on face book). She takes photos of her children being carefree on the farm, feeding and helping with the animals. Since I started my new journey, I have been concentrating on truly keeping things simple. April makes me want to live on a farm!

5f3a34f2-0f32-4b0a-9044-e19243ad2607I came up with the concept of this tee, because I really need it. Taking a new path and writing a new chapter in life can be scary. This is my mantra, and I have to repeat it to myself about a billion times a day. Be brave. Be brave. Just be brave.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way, so this tee is encouragement for all of us! There is something so warm and inviting about April’s photography that it literally brings me inner peace. Or a certain calm in the midst of what seems to be a constant storm. I fall in love every time she posts a new photo of her boys and her life on the farm. It only made sense that she capture this tee for the shop! Visit her face book page and look at her gallery of photos, and you will see what I mean!_iwawWr30dqh-HCZTFIUZ29-6IOOPoUCHn4_4EFIRuo

IMG_5272 copy

My daughter has been my biggest supporter, and the most amazing inspiration!  She is not only beautiful (inside & out) but she is my very best friend!

Until next time …


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